Windmill Cottage
 Eucalypts of WA's Wheatbelt
 Eucalypts of SA

Purchase any 5 greeting cards (large) @ $4 each, & we’ll add a bonus extra card.

Placemats & Coasters
Each box contains 6 different designs as shown. Please note we have a no questions asked, money back refund if you are not happy with your purchase.

Placemats and coasters are presented in beautiful boxes. A sample of which is shown below.

P004 Farmyard Birds - Placemats
AUD $32
C006 Farmyard Birds 2 - Coasters
AUD $12
C007 Australian Bush Birds - Coasters
AUD $12
P007 Australian Bush Birds - Placemats
AUD $32
C002 Purely Parrots - Coasters
AUD $12
P002 Purely Parrots - Placemats
AUD $32
C003 Australian Fairy Wrens - Coasters
AUD $12
P003 Australian Fairy Wrens - Placemats
AUD $32
C005 Australian Flower Series
AUD $12

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