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Eucalypts of WA's Wheatbelt

In late 2012, noted "Eucalyptologist" Malcom French released a book on Eucalypts that will set a new standard for this kind of layman’s botany publication.

I was honoured that Malcolm requested the use of around 120 paintings from my Eucalypt & Corymbia seedling project (a life passion to grow & paint all 900 or so species at the seedling stage) to use in his book.

This book is currently available from Boffins Bookshop in Perth – just click on the book image to go to the book in their online bookshop. Copies are also now available here. Simple click on the Add to Cart button below. Note that overseas shipping is not available for this book.
Price: AUD $49 + $12 postage
Postage Prices only within Australia. Overseas Postage by request.

Some example pages are below. Click on the pages to enlarge.